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Ancient Standing Stones + Monoliths For Sale

Ancient Standing Stones For Sale

Dandelion always have in stock beautiful, Old York Sandstone, Millstone Grit or Westmorland Limestone Standing Stones, many being formed millions of years ago by Mother Nature; others having been hand-hewn by Pennine quarrymen in the 17th, 18th or 19th centuries. Standing Stones and Monoliths, greatly enhance gardens, flagged courtyards or can be incorporated as an eye-catching enigma in a meadow or by a pond or stream.

Quarried Old and New Natural Stone

For those special garden designs, landscaping, water features and sculptural enigmas, Dandelion can supply large natural lumps of York Sandstone, Millstone Grit and Old Westmorland Limestone, obtained from legitimate sources.

Enigmatic Stone Garden Ornaments

These enigmatic, ancient standing stones, hewn centuries ago from quarried York sandstone, limestone, Millstone Grit, Red Furness sandstone etc., when set up within a lawn or other grassy area, make wonderful garden features. Standing stones or stone monoliths, if set up among alpines, heathers, bulbs or groupings of brightly-coloured flowers can look fantastic.

Another exciting concept is to set up one uniquely-shaped standing stone, surrounded by a circle of much shorter feature stones or boulders.

The example, shown right, of an ancient weathered and gnarled Limestone Standing Stone is a good indicator of how the old gate posts, once set in a lawned area, can look fantastic.

Why not create your own Stonehenge? – We can help you find the right stones!
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