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Millstones For Sale

Millstones For Sale

Dandelion hold one of the largest stocks of Old Millstones and Grindstones in Northern England. These beautiful Old Millstones were originally hand-carved by quarrymen and farmers between 100 and 300 years ago from York Sandstone or Millstone Grit, and in diameter can range from a few inches to over 6 feet.

Millstones make spectacular water features. Dandelion also specialise in carving house names upon Old Millstones.

DAN 3118

A truly superb specimen of an Old York Millstone. Note the underside is relatively jagged, but nevertheless this adds to…


DAN 3116

This Old York Millstone, despite displaying a number of historical defects is nevertheless a most attractive specimen that would grace…


DAN 3108

A stunning specimen of a nicely weathered York Millstone. This fantastic millstone would lend itself for carving a house name.


DAN 3081

York Stone Millstone.


DAN 3087

DANDELION to supply one traditional millstone to be hand-carved from locally sourced York Stone. Upon completion, the beautifully crafted millstone…


DAN 3063

A beautiful specimen of a York sandstone millstone.


Millstones: A Brief History

Old millstones and grindstones were specifically made for a variety of agricultural and industrial uses. For centuries, the milling of flour was dependant on millstones. The leather tanning industry used water-powered and later steam-powered machinery incorporating millstones for the crushing of bark to produce tannin.

The dyeing industry used similar machinery for the extraction of natural dyes from vegetable matter. Paper making also relied on the crushing and grinding of timber for the production of wood pulp and also for grinding rags and other textile waste.

The early British iron-working industry used great numbers of grindstones for sharpening edges on tools such as spades, picks and axes, and also for weapon-making for the military. From the late Medieval period Sheffield had significant numbers of water-driven workshops containing grindstones for knife and cutlery production.

Old reclaimed millstones make fantastic water features, and can be incorporated also into walling schemes, both outside and inside the home, such as ‘Grand Design’ fireplaces, or can be employed in decorative and historically interesting landscaping projects.

We stock a wide variety of millstones – Contact us for dimensions and prices!
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