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Some ideas for garden designers, architects and landscapers from our recent stock

Sandstone “Stoop” or Standing Stone

A truly fine specimen of a roughly hewn Rossendale Sandstone ‘Stoop’ or ‘Standing Stone’ with rounded top. The ‘Stoop’ dramatically tapers from top to base; there are two small, hand-cut square holes in the face and also the rusted remains of an iron hanger. This ‘Stoop’ would look fantastic if set up as part of a landscaping project within a lawn or grassy area, or even mounted onto a cobbled or flag-stoned court yard.

Approximate dimensions: 98” tall by 28” at the base tapering to 13” at the round top. General thickness 9” at the bottom tapering to 8” at the top.

Millstone Water Feature

A stack of three old Yorkshire Millstones forming a fantastic water feature. This is an example of how millstones can be used, either for water features or for a diverse range of eye-catching, architectural garden features.

Antique Brass Water Pump

Mounted upon an Elm board is this fantastic Victorian vertical, brass and copper hand-lever operated water pump with attractive blacksmith forged iron handle. NOTE: The rampant Lion Pump Trademark denoting the pump was manufactured by Joseph Evans of Wolverhampton. This beautiful old pump would make a truly eye-catching display if mounted alongside a stone trough.

Approximate dimensions: Board: 66” tall x 8½” wide. Pump: Body 13½” tall x 3½”

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