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An Interesting Use of a Stone Trough

Foraging BoulderDuring the winter of 2014-15, a north Lancashire DANDELION customer had an old tree felled on the edge of their garden, which left an attractive stump covered in moss thrusting up among the perennial plants and shrubs.

To enhance the natural beauty of the moss and lichen-covered tree stump, the owners pondered on mounting a small, unusually shaped, old stone trough on top of the stump.

The customer visited the DANDELION Yard and upon seeing this curiosity of a York stone trough, perhaps hewn around 200 years ago from an ancient, Ice Age boulder, their quest was over. The customer quickly snapped up the trough.

Upon delivery, the customer had the trough mounted upon the top of the old moss and lichen-covered tree stump. And what an amazing, eye-catching display the trough looks after having been planted with a mix of colourful Primulas.

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