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DAN 3597

DAN 3597

Old Brass Sun Dial mounted upon an Old York Stone Cylinder.

A World Of Stone

A World Of Stone

What is Dandelion? Dandelion Stone Troughs and Architectural Antiques was the brainchild of Alan McEwen and, backed by his wife Christine, the company was launched in January 2008. DANDELION specialise…

Garden Antiques For Sale

Dandelion can supply a wide range of unusual and quirky garden antiques carved from old York sandstone to include Victorian garden ornaments, stone gargoyles, staddle stones, grindstones, bird baths, unusual…

Stone Troughs For Sale

Dandelion specialise in supplying large, medium and small Old York Stone Troughs. Dandelion have a large stock of Antique Stone Garden Curiosities such as: hand carved Stone Gargoyles, Stone Sun…


Antique large, medium and small round and square stone troughs, stone sinks and stone planters…

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